Actress Etinosa Questions African Elders Mentality

Actress Etinosa has questioned the thinking process of African elders, especially when it has to do with them apologizing when they are wrong.

On a post she made via her social media page, she questioned why African elders do not admit and apologize for their wrongdoings, especially if they are younger than them in age or societal hierarchy.

The actress said, “Why do African elders find it so difficult to admit and apologize for their wrong doings? Especially to a younger person either in age or societal hierarchy. “Do you know who I am” mentality.”

She added that the toxic behaviour is in families and tends to play out in the government where constituted authorities feel they are big enough to be accountable.

“It must stop. The change begins with me.” Etinosa said.

Some followers reacted to this, noting that she made a fact. See some reactions below.

economicsng: “Some can’t even be corrected.

Correction is also considered as being rude so even when they are clearly doing it wrongly, you can only watch and wait.

callmelixboy: “This is the realest fact ave ever woke of to and this is where our problem all started 🤏

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