Actress, Dakore Egbuson Gives Reason for Dropping Out Of School

Top tier Nollywood actress and brand influencer, Dakore Egbuson gives reason for dropping out of school at the university level and her reason is one that affects a lot of Nigerian students.

In a tell-all interview, Dakore gave the timeline of her life from when she started her diploma course to the point whjere she gave up on University education due to frustration.

Dakore Egbuson Gives Reason for Dropping Out Of School

The actress mentioned that in 1996/1997 she started a Mass communication diploma degree in the University of Lagos and after spending her compulsory gap year working in two different accounting firms, she had to start her Bachelors degree from scratch instead of Year 2 because she did not have the connections to work her direct entry.

Actress, Dakore Egbuson Gives Reason For Dropping Out Of School
Dakore Egbuson Gives Reason for Dropping Out Of School

That was her first set back but it was the beginning as her stay in plagued with different setbacks from the incessant strikes to harassment from her Head of Department. it just seemed all the odds were against her despite her determination to finish the degree but she had to start afresh. Stating how she gave up in the third year, she said;

“… I said, ok pata pata if I perish, I perish. Year 3, I was out. Also, I was being harassed by my HOD at the time. So, that was also a very difficult situation at the time.”

“So I said, you know what? I’m going. I’m done. It’s a wrap.”

She insisted that education was not for everyone and was thankful for how far she has been able to come regardless of how much the system in Nigeria tried to stifle her.

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