Actors who hated their most famous roles.

Actors are usually faced with the tasks of completely adopting a whole new persona when preparing for a role in a film. Some of them go through rigorous training sessions and diets just to make sure their physical appearance matches the director’s vision of the character. Others prepare mentally for roles in unconventional ways. For his role as Joker in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, Heath Ledger isolated himself in a hotel room for days on end just to be able to get into the mind of a murderous psychopath. However, some of these actors end up hating their characters, no matter how iconic they turn out. Most them reveal that the reason is the physical and mental strain they underwent. Others end up resenting a role that shot them up into the limelight. Quite understandably, some actors get tired of hearing about their one “legendary” role and want to move on to their more recent ones. Other times the result of their new found popularity leads to the actor being typecast into the same role in subsequent films. Other times I could swear Chadwick Booseman was so close to hating his Black Panther’s Tchalla because he probably got tires of having to do the Wakanda Forever sign every minute.

1. Harrison Ford

 Harrison Ford despises his Star Wars character Han Solo. In fact he has begged non stop for the character to be killed off every since the days of Empire Strikes Back. However the character wasn’t killed off till Episode VII. Ford even categorically stated in an interview on the today show during a press tour for return of the Jedi that “he was glad to see that costume for the last time.” Also calling Han Solo as “…dumb as a stump.”

Actors Who Hated Their Most Famous Roles. 1

2. Megan Fox

It would be a great understatement to just say Megan Fox disliked her Transformers character. She despised the way her character was depicted. Michael Bay is famous for sexualizing most of his female characters. Her scenes involved her bending over cars in scantily-clad outfits and running in slow-motion; you know. It is like the director just yelled “Do sexy stuff” at her.

Actors Who Hated Their Most Famous Roles. 2

3. Zac Efron.

Even if it was released about a decade ago, no 20-teens can say the phrase High school Musical without having flashes of Troy Bolton singing in their minds. This was the film responsible for catapulting the then young Zac Efron into stardom and the rest as you know is history.

Actors Who Hated Their Most Famous Roles. 3

According to an article by The Independent, nobody hates High School Musical as much as Efron himself. “I step back and look at myself and I still want to kick that guy’s [butt] sometimes,” he says of his teenage self. He even says that the fame he got from the show was “not a real thing” and that when he looks in the mirror he still sees “that [explitive] kid from High School Musical” looking back at himself.

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