Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: Survivors Recounts Terrifying Moment

Some of the survivors of the horrific Abuja-Kaduna train attack have recounted the event and narrated their ill-fated ordeal.

The 6 pm Kaduna bound train from Abuja on Monday was intercepted by terrorists aged between 18 and 22, who were reported to have placed an Improvised Explosive Device on the tracks around Dutse inwards the Rigasa Train Station forcing the train to derail.

Reports revealed that the terrorists shot at the coaches profusely, then dragged some of the passengers out into waiting buses and drove into the bush before the arrival of security personnel over an hour later.

As of reporting, eight people have been confirmed dead, 28 are still hospitalised and many others still missing. 

Many of the injured victims were rushed to the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital and St Gerard Catholic Hospital, Kaduna.

Train Attack Victims Narrates Ordeal

One of the victims Fatima Shuaibu, a student at the College of Education, Gidan Waya, Kaduna State on board the train, confirmed that her sister, Zainab, was shot in the stomach and died on the slot.

A bereaved Fatima revealed that as the train was approaching Kaduna, they suddenly heard a loud explosion, which forced the train to derail while the security personnel on board ordered everyone to lie down flat on the floor.

Unfortunately for her sister, Zainab was shot before she could lie flat and died on the spot. 

Fatima further revealed that the terrorists came in motorcycles and buses, operated for over 2 hours and abducted many.

“I was seated by the window on the train. Suddenly I started seeing light. It was around 8 pm. Then there was a loud bang as if something exploded. Suddenly the train derailed. As soon as the train stopped, we started hearing gunshots,” Fatima stated

“The security personnel on the train announced that everybody should lie down on the floor of the train. My sister, Zainab Awal, was shot in the stomach and she died. They attacked the VIP coach, abducted some people and took them to the bush; they shot other people.

“They operated for about two hours before soldiers and Air Force men arrived and they exchanged gunshots.”

Another passenger revealed that the attackers were chanting, ‘Allah Akbar’ (Allah is the greatest).

Maimuna Ibrahim said, “I went for a workshop in Abuja in the morning. I was on my way back when the attack took place. I was shot in the leg but the bullet did not penetrate my bone. Honestly, we suffered seriously, but thank God that soldiers came and they really helped us.”

Ibrahim revealed that a Soldier carried her on his back over a cliff to where they were conveyed to the hospital. 

“The terrorists came into the train but they did not come to the place I was seated. I was hit by a bullet. They entered SP17. As they were shooting, the police security on the train asked us to lie down on the floor of the train so that bullets would not hit us. Unfortunately, before I could get down, a bullet hit me,” She added.

Mohammed Isa, another passenger shot in the right arm, said he endured the pain for over an hour until the soldiers intervened.

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