Abba Bichi Advises Nigerians to ‘Blame the Individual, Not His Religion’

Abba Bichi, a young Nigeria footballer who plays for Yingkou Chagoyue FC in China, has advised Nigerians to stop blaming religion when someone does something but instead blame the individual for their crime.

The young footballer made this post via his insta stories as he talked about terrorists. He further questioned Nigerians if it made sense that religion would be blamed for an individual sin.

He then advised that the individual should be called out and not the individual’s religion.

Abba Bichi post reads, “Learn to blame the individual, not his religion or tribe! If you call the whole religion of Islam a terrorist, then imagine sharing a planet with 1.9 billion terrorists! Does it make sense? Rather if a Muslim commits a crime, blame him alone and leave the whole religion out of it! Likewise, Christianity same rule applies! Call out the individual for his mistakes and leave his religion out of the matter.

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