47-Year-Old Jack Dorsey Resigns as Twitter CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of the social networking site Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has resigned.

He took to his verified Twitter handle to announce his resignation after 16 years in charge.

He also announced an Indian-American technologist Parag Agrawal as the next to take over the management of the microblogging site.

The 47-year-old Dorsey said he had worked hard to ensure the company could break away from its founding and founders, and he believed the time was right to take the next step.

Dorsey also announced that Bret Taylor has agreed to become the board chair, as he has been a member of the board since he became the CEO, and he believes Taylor is all of the things the board deserves right now.

Jack Dorsey stated that he will serve on the board through his term (May 2022) to help Parag and Bret transition.

Though it was a tough choice to make, he said it was his decision, and he owned up to it.

Dorsey has been at loggerhead with the Nigerian Government after being accused of enabling violence in Nigeria through his platform during the #EndSARS protest.

The Federal Government has said Twitter has agreed to all the terms they laid out to them, and the ban of the platform in Nigeria should be lifted soon.

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