3 Herders to Suffer Consequences for Breaking Anti-Open Grazing Law

Some herders will be facing the penalty for breaking the Anti-Open Grazing Law in Bayelsa State, despite warnings by the state government against such an act.

Earlier in the week, the BayelsaState Livestock Management Committee apprehended three herdsmen and brought them before a Magistrate’s Court in Yenagoa for failing to adhere to the land laws.

Before their arraignment in court, reports claim that the arrests were initially made close to the premises of Royal Tulip Hotel, Onopa, Tombia-Amassoma Road and Zarama, respectively, on Saturday, November 27.

The personnel that made the detainment was attached to the Livestock Management Committee and acted because the cattle herders conduct contravened the Livestock Breeding directives.

It was reported that the cattle rearers went against the Livestock Breeding, Rearing and Marketing Regulations Law 2021, signed in February by Governor Douye Diri, which banned open grazing in the state.

The court asked the suspects to pay the sum of two hundred thousand naira each and provide, and their bail would be guaranteed by providing a surety that possesses landed property and lives in Bayelsa State.

In the meantime, the court adjourned the case till December 21 for a hearing.

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