2baba Discloses Why He Married His Wife Annie Idibia

The Nigerian music legend Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly recognised by his stage name “2baba“, reveals why he married his wife, Annie Idibia.

It is no secret that 2baba, who got married to Annie Idibia in 2012, has five kids from other women he had relationships with in the past.

2Baba And Annie Idibia'S Wedding Pictures
2baba and Annie Idibia’s wedding pictures

Nonetheless, when he was asked by DJ Anyaloko, who was the journalist interviewing 2baba, why he chose to marry Annie out of all the women in his life, it was reported that he relaxed back on his seat and took a deep breath.

2baba tells DJ Anyaloko Why He Married His Wife, Annie Idibia

He said;

She stuck by me through it all. When there was no more car, she hopped on bikes, took the bus and trekked with me, when there was no money or house or hit songs or millions of albums sold or big awards and accolades, when I used to repeat just three sets of clothes, she would always hold my head, look into my eyes and tell me things would be fine one day. When I wasn’t handsome, she would call me her Prince Charming“.

It is obvious that 2baba loves and adores his wife.

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