2023 Election: Dele Momodu Solicits Donation for Campaign

Nigerian celebrity journalist and Presidential aspirant Dele Momodu has started soliciting contributions from supporters and fans to help his campaign for the 2023 election. 

The CEO and publisher of the Ovation magazine declared his interest in running for the 2023 presidential sit with the promise to fix the country. 

However, amidst the economic downturn in the country, Dele Momodu has approached Nigerians, and his other social media followers to support his presidential ambition by donating to the cause.

Dele Momodu Appeals to Supporters

He noted that the gesture would help him and others seeking to birth a new Nigeria ensure the country is placed on the path of growth and accelerated development. 

In a series of tweets on his Twitter page, the media mogul released several bank accounts in dollar, euros, pounds sterling and naira for the donations, while urging his followers that any amount donated would be appreciated.

Dele Momodu wrote, “Good morning fellow Nigerians… I have good news for you. A new Nigeria for all is possible and the epic journey has started… I was on Twitter Space, Facebook and Instagram last night & many Nigerians asked for the Dele Momodu Support Account and started paying immediately…

“These accounts will be strictly audited and we shall compile all donors and reach out to you once you attach your details. Grateful for your decision to join A NEW NIGERIA FOR ALL MOVEMENT.”

Dele Momodu was a former presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP) in the 2011 election and defects to the PDP in October 2021.

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