20 Students in India Commit Suicide

20 students in India reportedly committed suicide in the past week after a state agency announced their exam scores. Some parents believe the failed exams is due to an electronic glitch.

In the latest incident, a 19-year-old woman, Akrapu Mithi, hanged herself at Naginenipally village in Telangana state. She went to a private college in nearby Bibinagar town and was apparently depressed after the results were announced.

About 1 million students took the exams in February and March. About 350,000 failed their exams, causing protests from parents, students, and political parties. One student named Sirisha was failing biology and set herself on fire. It happened at her home on Saturday after her parents went out to the fields.

Chief Minister K. Rao ordered the recounting and re-verification for all the students who failed their exams. While urging the students to not commit suicide, adding that failing the tests didn’t mean the end of their lives.

According to the parents, what caused students to commit suicide was an error on the part of the software solutions firm. Globarena Technologies Private Limited had been hired by Telagana BIE to develop software for processing admissions, pre-examination and post-examination results.

In 2017, both the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions of India saw more than 50 suicides by students.

The National Human Rights Commission issued a notice to the Telangana government, seeking a detailed report by the Board.

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