2 Dead, Many Injured as Riot Erupts in Chafuyi Village, Abuja

Two persons are reported dead in a riot at Chafuyi village, Apo Abuja. According to the eye-witness reports, fights broke out as a result of a disagreement between landowners and tenants.

Previously, the original landowners (The Gbagyis) in that locality had instructed the residents and business owners to remove any structure that is beyond their property boundary. The residents and business owners were then given a one month notice to take down all encroachment or face compulsory demolition.

As the one month notice elapsed, the authorities of the area began the demolition on Saturday the 26th of October, 2019. This resulted in several fights and two people are confirmed dead. Multiple houses and business places were destroyed and burnt down by the people revolting the demolitions.

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Security operators have since arrived in the area and a bit of stability has been returned to Chafuyi village, But businesses are still not open. The residents are still living in fear of another riot.

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